Teams favorite comics #1 – Cyanide & Happiness 2890

Cyanide & Happiness is one of the well known comic book strips out there. For that reason we’re not going to be talking about them in particular, but we are going to be talking about one of the favorite comics of theirs, the one that talks about the “Loan Ranger”. It’s a classic dad joke type of comic that’s been a huge hit here at Blank Label Comics.

Cyanide & Happiness comic #2890

Comic that we’re going to be talking about today can be found over here. All the credits go to the Cyanide & Happiness team. In this installation of their comic the main protagonist is a ranger from the wild west.

He is met by a lady who has been robbed and she asks the ranger for help. Ranger says he won’t be going after the robber, but he does offer to repay the stolen 2$ to the lady out of his own pocket. When the lady asks how can she ever repay, he proclaims “with interest”. Comic ends with the name of the ranger showed in a sunset. Punchline is the name, ranger is called the “Loan Ranger”. Get it? It’s a word play type of pun. A classic dad joke. Caldir is of course the one who brought our attention to this comic. It’s fun, clean, and I definitely recommend it to you if you’re looking for a quick laugh.