Meet the team

Blank Label Comics is a team with 4 core members, and we hire additional help on an as-needed basis. Mostly graphics artists, since we only have 1 designer on our team, and drawing comics can be difficult job. Blank Label Comics started as a pet project of me, Austin Sanders, and my friend Jake Montgomery. This was back in 2010. We both worked for a web design company, and after discovering that we share a love for comics, we decided to launch Blank Label Comics.

Name for our little creative endeavor we got from a band we both like, Black Label Society. Yeah, we’re a couple of metal fans. Only since we didn’t have an idea what we are doing at the time, we decided to call ourselves Blank Label Society, and over the years we switched it to Blank Label Comics, since comics is what we’re doing here.

As the workload increased over the years, we expanded the team. For example, a couple of years back we hired Barbra as our very own in house graphics artist. She is in charge of drawing our characters, or at the very least developing comic book ideas and then hiring freelancers to bring ideas to light.

Latest addition to our team is Caldir. He works on developing content for the comics and as of now this website. Any future text, posts, articles that get posted will probably be by him. Exception are articles that each team member of the Blank Label Comics will be able to publish under their own name.

That’s it really. We’re a small, but proud team, that works on what their passion is, comics. Soon we’re going to be publishing our very own comics, as soon the front-end get finished. In the mean time, we’ll post comic book reviews, recommendation and tips for the modern comic book reader. Hope you like them.