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Comic book front-end updates and plans

Here’s a quick status update on the status of our comic book front-end. We’ve been working on it hard for the past couple of months and we can finally say that it’s in the final stages of implementation here on the website. Those of you who are impatient, please note that everything was done from scratch. We wanted to do things the right way, according to our vision, so it took a bit longer.

Comic book front-end updates and plans

So the way the comic book reader is going to work is by imitating an ebook reader, only instead of book pages, each flip is going to be a comic book. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s also not something that’s going to be standard.

We’ve added our own little twist to the entire thing. There are going to be special effects, the ability to open up comic books fullscreen. You could change themes, activate dark theme if you’re reading during the night, and things like that. It was difficult to incorporate such a thing, especially since the comic book reader framework has to change the background of comic books themselves, but we thing it was worth it. Currently we’re in the process of testing all the features, ironing out all the bugs, and we expect a live beta version launch sometime next month. Stay patient until then and you’ll finally be able to enjoy in some of our very own comics, made here at Blank Label Comics.