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Author Archives: Austin Sanders

Graphic novel recommendation – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Today we’re going to be turning our focus onto a graphic novel, which is another very interesting art form. Over the years there’s been one graphic novel that the entire team loved and agreed on to be really good, Scott Pilgrim, to be more precise, it’s the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World publication. Graphic novel […]

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Comic book authors that talk about tragedy – Candorville

Most people thing that comics books should be what their name suggest, comical in some sense. That’s at least what a couple of people from my life seem to be thinking. In reality there are many different genres of comics that can be found out there. I’m personally a fan, or maybe I shouldn’t say […]

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Comic book front-end updates and plans

Here’s a quick status update on the status of our comic book front-end. We’ve been working on it hard for the past couple of months and we can finally say that it’s in the final stages of implementation here on the website. Those of you who are impatient, please note that everything was done from […]

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Teams favorite comics #1 – Cyanide & Happiness 2890

Cyanide & Happiness is one of the well known comic book strips out there. For that reason we’re not going to be talking about them in particular, but we are going to be talking about one of the favorite comics of theirs, the one that talks about the “Loan Ranger”. It’s a classic dad joke […]

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